Staff Writer/Columnist

Date: 08/23/2012 Office/Department: Pioneer
Starting Wage: Supervisor: Pioneer Publisher
Openings: Yes Department Head: Editor

This position is open. Please read through the job description below. If you would like to apply, use the link at the bottom of this page.


FALL 2012

Staff writers are typically hired to write for one specific section of The Pioneer. We are currently hiring for all sections: Web; News; Opinion; Arts & Entertainment; Feature; Sports; and Humor. Writers are expected to contribute a minimum of one article a week, and they must be able to effectively communicate with their editor in order to maintain article deadlines. They are encouraged to propose and research their own story ideas. All writers are required to attend a weekly Sunday staff meeting.

Prior journalism experience is not required, and the ideal candidates will have strong writing, researching and editing skills. They must have the ability to work accurately, independently and under deadline. Flexibility and creativity are a must, and applicants must be reliable and self-motivated.


In addition to completing the following application form, applicants must provide a writing sample.

Please email a word document with your responses to Applications accepted on a rolling basis; final deadline is midnight on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

Returning staff: Please fill out the contact/payroll information and answer the following questions only: Why do you want to continue working for The Pioneer, and/or what is a goal you have for the coming semester? Please list three article ideas for the section you’re applying for and provide links to your two best articles that have been published in The Pioneer.


Graduating year:

Phone number (cell preferred):

Email address:

 (These questions are for payroll purposes only and will not affect your application.)


In-state:          yes      no

Work-study    yes      no


  1.         Please list all sections for which you are applying, in preferential order. If you would like to work for multiple sections at the same time, please say so.


  1. Why would you like to write for The Pioneer? Why are you interested in writing for the particular section(s) you have indicated?


  1. Please describe previous journalism and/or writing experience.


  1. Please describe your ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.


  1. What other activities will you be involved in this semester? How much time are you willing to devote weekly to The Pioneer?


  1. Reporters only (news, feature, sports, A&E and web): Please provide a short description of an article idea you would propose for the aforementioned section(s).


Columnists only: Please describe the overall theme of your column as well as a column idea that would relate to this theme.

Web reporters only: Please describe any experience you have with photography or video (previous experience is not required).

Humor writers only:

a. Come up with 5-10 “headlines” (i.e. The Onion) that you think are funny. For example: “NASA Launches Probe to Find, Destroy, Earth-Like Planet.” Follow up on one of these headlines and write a 300-500 word humor article.

b. Come up with three funny ideas the humor section could do next semester.


For all applicants except humor writers: Please attach a sample of journalistic writing to this application, no longer than two pages double-spaced. If you are applying to be a columnist, attach a sample column (in journalistic style). If you do not have previous journalism experience, an academic or creative writing sample will suffice.


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