Outdoor Program Trips Coordinator

Date: 10/10/2012 Office/Department: Outdoor Program
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage + $0.25 Supervisor: OP Program Assistant Director
Openings: No Department Head: OP Program Director


The Whitman Outdoor Program fosters personal growth, facilitates learning and creates recreational opportunities through leadership development, skills training and safe, environmentally sound trips in a supportive community. Seven programmatic areas exist to fulfill this mission: Scrambles, SSRA classes, the climbing center, rental shop, special events, trainings, and the trip program. The Trips Coordinator works with the assistant director to oversee the trips program and logistically manage/support all trips.



-       Understand and represent the mission and vision of the WCOP

-       Assist Outdoor Program Assistant Director with management and operation of the trips program

-       Meet with Outdoor Program Assistant Director weekly at minimum

-       Hire and supervise trip leaders

-       Record and manage Outdoor Program calendars

-       Manage reservations for all program vehicles

-       Website updates and maintenance

-       Lead a beginning-of-semester staff training for trip leaders and give a small presentation during rental shop staff training

-       Prepare a briefing sheet with leader packet & trip paperwork for all trips

-       Run a weekly briefing meeting with trip leaders for the upcoming weekend’s trips

-       Support leaders in trip logistics by helping them pull gear, picking up vehicles, providing them with money/credit cards, etc.

-       Manage trip sign-up googledocs and work with student employee to advertise trip openings

-       Perform additional tasks as appropriate in carrying out the duties of the position.


-       Van Certified

-       Able to lift at least 50 lbs


-       Organized

-       Able to multi-task, independent, self-motivated and high-energy

-       Strong communication and interpersonal skills

-       Able to creatively/critically assess the trips program and brainstorm ways to improve it


-       At least one semester working for the Outdoor Program

-       Familiarity with trip paperwork policies/procedures

-       Familiarity with computer programs such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, power-point and Googledocs


-       Professional purchase (aka pro-deals)

-       Free rentals on all rental equipment from the OP Rental Shop or Climbing Center

-       20% of merchandise from the OP Rental Shop or Climbing Center

-       Substantial experience for pursuing a future job in the outdoor industry


OP Trips Coordinator Application