Club for the Recognition of Cultures of Minorities


The Club for Recognition of the Cultures of Minorities is created with the purpose of opening the doors to the Whitman Community to a world of diversity. Every year Whitman becomes a new home for international and multicultural students that represent over 30 countries around the world. Diversity is one of the key factors that make Whitman a very enriching learning society. Our mission is to encourage members of the Whitman Community to take advantage of the cultural richness of racial and cultural minorities present on-campus principally through music and dance. Our permanent projects will constitute of the creation of the first two dance troupes in the genres of Oriental dancing (Belly dancing) and Latin dance as well. Our non-periodical projects will include Q& A sessions or presentations led by non-national and American students volunteering to share their knowledge about culture, religion, geography, language, and other typical traits of a particular place; also activities involving open discussion of a topic of choice, music sharing and finally exciting games and trivia. Also with the help of the Music department and student in general, we will contribute to the expansion of the World Music Library located at the Music Building. We envision a community where International Students represent an active role in educating the Whitman and Walla Walla population by sharing about the worlds outside Walla Walla and the US."


Meets: Saturdays 1pm for Belly Dancing and 1:30 for Latin Dance

Contact Person: Nicle Alvarez (

Adviser: Matt Ozuna (