Workshop Descriptions

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File Management

Workshops focused on managing and organizing your personal files. Sessions include basic file management, new storage devices, using netFiles and using SFTP.

Safe Computing

Methods of using your computer safely as well as keeping your data safe, including laptop security, traveling with a laptop, spyware and pop-ups and virus protection.


Options for communicating on and off campus. Topics inlcude campus telephones, email, instant messaging, survey tools and presentation software.


Topics relating to using Datatel, the Administrative computing system

Web Publishing

Instruction on methods of publishing web pages at Whitman, including Ingeniux, for producing web content

Microsoft Word

Covering topics in Microsoft Word from the basics to advanced features.

Microsoft Excel

Covering topics in Microsoft Excel from the basics to advanced features.

Multimedia Development Lab Workshops

Workshop topics offered by the Multimedia Development Llab


Using Photoshop to edit and enhance digital images. Other topics available as needed.

For Faculty

Topics of specific interst to faculty. These include CLEo, the on-line course management systyem and QUACK, the on-line information system.