Dec. 19: The Snow Queen

Where: Cordiner Hall

When: Saturday, December 19, 7:30 PM


Tickets: $15 Reserve • $12 General • $10 Student/Senior

Ticket outlet: Earthlight Books or at the door

Directed and choreographed by: Idalee Hutson-Fish

With additional choreography by: Michael Anderson, Ashley Akacich, Morgan Filan

Based on the original fairy tale by: Hans Christian Anderson

Sponsored in part by: Artwalla, Community Bank, Pacific Packers

The Dance Center Productions brings to the stage a classic story to warm the hearts of audiences of all ages. Conceived and directed by Idalee Hutson-Fish, the story by Hans Christian Anderson, begins with an evil Sorceress making a magic mirror in which the reflection shows only the ugliness of ones soul. A clutch of Trolls find the mirror and accidentally break it sending the bits of shattered ugliness throughout the world.

Gerta and Kai, who are the best of friends, danced by Summer Wardlaw and Charles Gordon, are enjoying a day in the rose garden when those ugly shatters of mirror pierce Kai’s heart and eye. Then on a cold winters day, when his ugliness is at it’s worst, the Snow Queen arrives to entice Kai to live in everlasting frozen splendor. The Snow Queen is danced by former soloist with California Ballet and Mid-Columbia Regional Ballet, Ashley Akacich.

We follow Gerta on her search for Kai though the Enchanting Spring gardens, into the palaces of Summer Splendor, only to be threatened by the chill of the Fall Gypsy. She is guided by a Raven and a Reindeer, but alas, must face the Snow Queen in the battle for love and a warm heart.

Our Sorceress is danced by Morgan Filan. The Enchantress of Spring by Merrit Filan. The Princess and Princess in the palace will be danced by Natalie Hargreaves and Elijah Singer. Our Fall Gypsy is danced by Katie Krivoshien. The Raven and Bai the Reindeer are danced by Alanah White and Michael Anderson. Mr. Anderson is the director and choreographer for Anderson School of Tap and is adding his whit, talent and students to the production.

We invite you to join us as the power of Gerta’s love is certain to warm your heart on even the chilliest of winter nights. Come see The Snow Queen, Saturday, December 19th, 7:30 pm at Cordiner Hall.