Set-Up/Operations Crew

Date: 10/16/2012 Office/Department: Conferences and Events
Starting Wage: $9.25 Supervisor: Summer Singer
Openings: No Department Head: Becky O'Connell-Osborn


The Events Set-up/Operations Crew is responsible for set-up and delivery of items needed for events on campus.  Crew will also assist at Cordiner Hall for various activities relating to event productions.   Direct responsibility will include assisting Events Assistant and Cordiner Hall Technician.  Crew must follow written and verbal instructions and respond to specific requests for tables, chairs, staging, audio visual equipment, and other event related equipment.


  1. Ability to follow written instruction
  2. Ability to work autonomously
  3. Ability to move and lift equipment weighing up to 60 pounds
  4. Ability to organize and prioritize work schedules
  5. Ability to make decisions that have a major impact on the immediate work unit and to monitor impact outside immediate work unit


  1. Full-time student preferred
  2. Must have and maintain good academic standing
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. An ability to motivate others
  5. An ability to establish a rapport with students, faculty, alumni, and the public
  6. An ability to cope with diversified responsibility
  7. An ability to work with and constructively supervise peers
  8. An ability to project a positive and professional image
  9. Creativity
  10. An ability to function on the job with limited supervision
  11. An ability to project, promote, and maintain a helpful, service outlook
  12. An ability to handle a significant workload in addition to the regular academic schedule
  13. A familiarity with the college
  14. A willingness to make a commitment to the position for the academic year
  15. Commitment to finding an authorized substitute in the event of a conflict that prevents an employee from working a particular shift

Anticipated Shifts

Your schedule will be set a week in advance and is determined by the events and programs that have been scheduled.  Schedule will include morning, late evening and weekend hours.