Off-Campus Studies Student Assistant

Date: 09/14/2011 Office/Department: Off-Campus Studies
Starting Wage: Minimum Supervisor: Laura Cummings
Openings: No Department Head: Susan Brick

 Off-Campus Studies Office Assistant

The main responsibilities of the Off-Campus Studies Student Assistant are as follows:

  • Provide general office assistance such as filing, photocopying, word processing, reception, special projects, etc. as required by the Off-Campus Studies staff.
  • Compile Newsletters and PIOS to students abroad and organize general mailings.
  • Help coordinate and advertise on-campus programming such as the Study Abroad Orientation, Admission Visitors’ Day, and other events as needed.

Wage: Minimum

Hours: 2-4 hours per week

How to apply: Copy and paste the Applicant Information into a Word document. Complete, copy and EMAIL to Laura Cummings in the Off-Campus Studies office at: **Do not use the "Apply to this job" link at the bottom of the page**

Applicant Information:


Name:                                                                                           WID#:                                


Campus Address:                                                                                                                              


Primary/Cell Phone #:                                                E-mail:                                                  



On a separate sheet, please answer the following:


1)   Why are you interested in this position?



2)   Describe any employment and general experiences you feel qualify you for this position.



3)   Describe your computer skills, listing the software programs that you feel comfortable using.



4) List previous Whitman employment, if any.



5) Indicate days and times that you would be available to work in the Off-Campus Studies Office.