Partner Programs: International Partner Programs are programs outside the U.S. that are either administered by Whitman College or programs where we have made special arrangements for our students to attend. Students attending International Partner Programs are considered to be enrolled in a Whitman off-campus studies program and are therefore eligible to use their Whitman need-based aid and merit scholarships when they attend these programs.

U.S. Partner Programs are off-campus study programs in the United States that provide students with an opportunity to learn about government policy, see urban issues first hand and engage in internships in their potential future professions.

Approved Programs: Whitman College maintains a list of approved study abroad programs that have been reviewed by the College's Off-Campus Studies Committee (OCSC) and approved for transfer credit. Students attending approved study abroad programs are not considered to be enrolled at Whitman while abroad and therefore are not eligible to use Whitman need-based aid and merit scholarships while attending these programs.

Summer Study Abroad Programs: Whitman College maintains a list of about 80 international summer programs that have been approved for transfer credit. Scholarship funding from Whitman College is not available for summer studies abroad, except for the Whitman Summer Studies in China program funded by the David Deal Endowment.

Whitman in China Teaching Program: The Whitman in China program (WIC) was established in 1982 by Professor David Deal to provide Whitman College alumni an opportunity to spend one year in China teaching English at a Chinese university. Over 100 Whitman alumni have participated in the program to date.  By living and working in China, program participants witness the rapid modernization of this important nation and experience Chinese culture first hand. At the same time, Whitman in China teachers give Chinese university students the rare opportunity to study English with native speakers.

Petitioned Study Abroad Programs: Occasionally students are interested in attending study abroad programs that are not a Whitman Partner Program or Approved Program.  The Off-Campus Studies (OCS) Committee will consider requests from students to obtain transfer credit from such study abroad programs.  

Students considering applying to a Petitioned Program should meet with an OCS adviser at Whitman early in the planning process for guidance about program suitability, well before deciding upon a program.  Students are permitted to apply to a maximum of one Petitioned Program per semester away.  In some cases, it is recommended that students applying to a Petitioned Program also apply to a Partner or an Approved Program as a second choice, in the event that the Petitioned Program is not approved.

You will need to make a strong academic case for participating in a Petitioned Program.  There is no guarantee that the OCS Committee will approve a given request for a Petitioned Program to be approved.  Therefore, we urge you not to pay a program enrollment deposit until you are notified by Whitman about the status of your OCS Leave Application.