Health and Safety

risk Whitman College strongly recommends that students who intend to participate in off-campus studies consider the suitability of the destinations they are considering in terms of health and safety risks. Please be aware that in many countries the conditions are very different from the United States.

The availability of medical care, mental health counseling and resources for the disabled, for example, may be more limited in other countries. The physical environment may be severely polluted and attitudes about race, sexual orientation, religion and diet may be very different from attitudes in the United States.

Before selecting a program, we highly recommend that you read the Center for Disease Control and US State Department website information about the countries you are considering.

Also, please ask the Whitman OCS staff about specific conditions that you may encounter and the resources available in the countries you are considering so that we can help you identify a program that suits your needs.

For information on H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) and H1N5 (Avian Flu) please click here.