Nearly 90 Earn All-NWC Academic Honors

News Release Date:
Monday, July 25, 2011

WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Nearly 90 Whitman College student athletes have earned Northwest Conference Scholar-Athlete honors by completing last semester with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

A handful of seniors -- swimmers Brian Wakefield, Nate Wells and Nick Wood, tennis player Chris Bailey and cross country runner Daniel Luecke -- earned the honor for a fourth straight year.

The women's cross country team placed the most athletes -- a total of 18 -- on the 2010-11 NWC Scholar-Athlete Team. The men's swim team was next in line with 15 athletes.

Whitman's latest round of NWC Scholar-Athletes follows below:

Whitman Women: NWC Scholar-Athletes

Libby Arnosti, sophomore, swimming, environmental humanities, 3.72, St. Paul, Minn.

Claire Baron, sophomore, cross country, race & ethnic Studies, 3.50, Tacoma, Wash.

Kate Benjamin, first year, cross country, undeclared, 3.79, Seattle, Wash.

Alyssa Breetwor, junior, cross country, sociology, 3.86, Los Altos, Calif.

Maddie Bell, first year, volleyball, undeclared, 3.74, Bellevue, Wash.


Taylor Chock, junior, soccer, biology, 3.65, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Katie Chapman, sophomore, swimming, geology, 3.73, Redmond, Wash.

Claire Collins, first year, swimming, undeclared, 3.59, Burlingame, Calif.

Carrie Cecil, sophomore, volleyball, anthropology, 3.52, Dedham, Mass.

Anna Conrad, sophomore, volleyball, English, 3.90, Tabernash, Colo.


Emily Davis, first year, soccer, undeclared, 3.57, Eagle River, Alaska.

Lauren Davis, sophomore, cross country, undeclared, 3.80, Mercer Island, Wash.

Maggie Eismeier, first year, tennis, undeclared, 3.90, Portland, Maine.

Jennifer Farley, junior, cross country, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.85, Toppenish, Wash.

Erin Flannery, sophomore, biology, 3.79, Corvallis, Ore.


Katri Gilbert, sophomore, cross country, mathematics-physics & music, 3.56, Bellevue, Wash.

Amy Hasson, junior, soccer, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.65, Kirkland, Wash.

Keller Hawkins, first year, swimming, undeclared, 3.56, Nashville, Tenn.

Mollee Huisinga, junior, cross country, mathematics, 3.60, Federal Way, Wash.


Helen Jenne, sophomore, swimming, mathematics-psychology, 3.96, Shoreline, Wash.

Kelly Jensen, junior, cross country, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.71, Kirkland, Wash.

Erin Kiskaddon, sophomore, swimming, biology, 3.58, Richmond, Calif.

Meesha Last, senior, cross country, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.63, Salt Lake City, Utah

Sara Levy, junior, cross country, English, 3.57, Shoreline, Wash.


Julianne Masser, sophomore, soccer, psychology, 3.81, Boise, Idaho

Shannon McCarty, sophomore, cross country, Spanish, 3.82, Seattle, Wash.

Lori Mendelshohn, sophomore, cross country, biology, 3.85, Portola Valley, Calif.

Kate Newman, senior, soccer, English, 3.63, Bellevue, Wash.


Hannah Palkowitz, first year, tennis, undeclared, 3.59, San Diego, Calif.

Skye Pauly, first year, cross country, undeclared, 3.86, Wenatchee, Wash.

Kari Paustian, first year, cross country, undeclared, 3.88, Sitka, Alaska

Kira Peterson, junior, cross country, chemistry, 3.58, Two Harbors, Minn.


Kelsey Roehner, first year, soccer, undeclared, 3.54, Bellingham, Wash.

Janna Rozar, senior, cross country, geology, 3.63, Whitefish, Mont.

Jaclyn Rudd, sophomore, soccer, mathematics, 3.73, Seattle, Wash.

Emily Rolston, junior, tennis, anthropology, 3.60, Missoula, Mont.


Hadley Scherer, first year, tennis, undeclared, 3.70, Orinda, Calif.

Lizzie Schiller, junior, tennis, psychology, 3.60, Koloa, Hawaii

Ali Schlueter, senior, swimming, economics-environmental studies, 3.54, San Francisco, Calif.


Rachel Shober, sophomore, volleyball, psychology, 3.62, Monroe, Wash.

Leah Siegel, first year, tennis, undeclared, 3.58, Portland, Ore.

Sara Sonnenblick, first year, soccer, undeclared, 3.60, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Hallie Swan, first year, soccer, undeclared, 3.96, Bainbridge Island, Wash.


Eliza Vistica, first year, cross country, undeclared, 3.65, Beaverton, Ore.

Allie Wilson, first year, cross country, undeclared, 3.63, Maple Valley, Wash.

Libby Watkins, junior, soccer, politics, 3.66, Portland, Ore.

Claire Westcott, junior, soccer, psychology, 3.66, Denver, Colo.

Katie Zajicek, first year, golf, undeclared, 3.56, Corvallis, Ore.

Whitman Men: NWC Scholar-Athletes

John Abercrombie, junior, golf, religion, 3.65, Portland, Ore.

Juan Pablo Alvarez, junior, basketball, psychology, 3.54, Quito, Ecuador.

Shunei Asao, freshman, swimming, undeclared, 3.58, Cupertino, Calif.

Atanas Atanasov, freshman, tennis, undeclared, 3.83, Haskovo, Bulgaria.


Chris Bailey, senior, tennis, economics, 3.66, Mercer Island, Wash.

Michael Barker, freshman, cross country, undeclared, 3.57, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Michael Bathurst, sophomore, soccer, economics, 3.68, Portland, Ore.

Chris Bendix, junior, swimming, philosophy, 3.62, Newcastle, Wash.

Adam Brayton, sophomore, swimming, environmental humanities, 3.56, Aptos, Calif.


Elliott Crane, freshman, swimming, undeclared, 3.51, Seattle, Wash.

Kevin Dyer, sophomore, swimming, English, 3.82, Carson City, Nev.

Chris Farley, freshman, cross country, undeclared, 3.74, Toppenish, Wash.

David Fleming, freshman, baseball, undeclared, 3.52, Daly City, Calif.


Whitney Griggs, sophomore, cross country, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology,
3.72, Morgantown, W.Va.

Sam Hennessey, senior, cross country, biology, 3.62, Port Angeles, Wash.

Conor Holton-Burke, junior, tennis, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.97,
Boulder, Colo.

Tyler Hurlburt, sophomore, swimming, chemistry, 3.73, Walla Walla, Wash.


Michael Jorgensen, freshman, cross country, undeclared, 3.97, Brookline, Mass.

Devin Kuh, sophomore, soccer, economics-mathematics, 3.67, Boulder, Colo.

Dan Luecke, senior, cross country, philosophy, 3.69, Olympia, Wash.

Mitchell Lee, junior, swimming, chemistry, 3.82, Seattle, Wash.

Matthew Liedtke, junior, swimming, economics-mathematics, 3.76, Bellevue, Wash.


Matt Manley, senior, soccer, English, 3.53, Salem, Ore.

Taylor Mesojednik, sophomore, cross country, undeclared, 3.69, Bellevue, Wash.

Jack Morgan, freshman, soccer, undeclared, 3.75, Bellingham, Wash.

Etienne Moshevich, senior, tennis, economics, 3.54, Richmond, B.C.


Jamie Nusse, senior, swimming, history, 3.59, Palo Alto, Calif.

Nathan Ord, junior, soccer, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.58, Juneau, Alaska.

Chris Perkins, freshman, soccer, undeclared, 3.74, Seattle, Wash.

Jay Richards, senior, baseball, politics, 3.52, Gig Harbor, Wash.

Andrew Roehrig, sophomore, swimming, biochemistry-biophysics-molecular biology, 3.71, Redmond, Wash.


Cooper Schumacher, freshman, soccer, undeclared, 3.92, Seattle, Wash.

Reid Shaw, freshman, soccer, undeclared, 3.50, Seattle, Wash.

Jonathan Standen, freshman, golf, undeclared, 3.65, Sisters, Ore.

Noah Teller, freshman, cross country, undeclared, 3.62, Berkeley, Calif.

Jordan Thomas, junior, soccer, chemistry-geology, 3.75, Port Orchard, Wash.


Chad Trexler, senior, swimming, geology, 3.51, Reno, Nev.

Brian Wakefield, senior, swimming, biology, 3.93, Philomath, Ore.

Nate Wells, senior, swimming, mathematics-philosophy, 3.86, Edmonds, Wash.

Ian Williams, junior, swimming, history, 3.56, Vancouver, Wash.

Nick Wood, senior, swimming, environmental humanities-rhetoric, 3.76, Moraga, Calif.

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