Office Assistant

Date: 10/01/2010 Office/Department: Printing Services
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Amber Woodworth
Openings: No Department Head: Amber Woodworth


****Students must qualify for Federal Work Study to apply for this position****


   1. To handle a variety of clerical assignments including filing.
   2. To manage recycled paper notepad project.
   3. To proof various publications distributed on campus.


   1. Ability to work independently.
   2. Well developed organizational skills.
   3. Reliable; able to take responsibility for the job.
   4. Excellent people skills; able to deal comfortably with faculty and students on behalf of the office.
   5. Attention to accuracy.
   6. Able to enjoy taking on a project involving considerable detail work.

Pay Rate:  Minimum Wage

Time Commitment:  5 hours per week

Application Process: Complete the application below for Amber Woodworth at