IES Study London


Through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES), Whitman students may enroll at the IES London Center to study with British faculty on the Study London program. The IES Center in London offers courses in art history, politics, history, literature and drama, economics, philosophy, sociology and film studies and strives to use the city of London as "the classroom." The program also offers a wide range of internships in theatre, museums, government (including Parliament), think tanks, social organizations and education that may be taken for credit. 

Fields of study:

Art history, politics, history, literature, drama, economics, philosophy, sociology and film studies


Two full years of college credit; minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Direct enrollment at the London universities requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0-3.85 depending on the institution.

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Summer


IES London Center: September-December; January-April
Note: Calendar for direct enrollment at universities varies.


Minimum of 15 credits per semester; 5 courses, 3 credits each

Credit Conversion:

1 IES credit = 1 Whitman credit


In a residence hall with IES students, British students and other foreign students or in a homestay


Students are responsible for preparing their own meals in their residence hall kitchen or purchasing meals in restaurants; students in homestays will either be responsible for all of their own meals or only some, as a few meals a week may be provided by the host family


A wide range of internships are available in theatre, museums, government, media, Parliament, politics, social organizations and education.


Students interested in applying for direct enrollment at London universities or for Parliamentary internships should check with the Off-Campus Studies Office about the early deadlines for these applications.


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