Temporary RA for International Student Orientation Camp

Date: 04/18/2012 Office/Department: Intercultural Center
Starting Wage: $500.00 for the entire time Supervisor: Kris Barry
Openings: No Department Head: Intercultural Center Director

Temporary Resident Assistant for International Student Orientation Camp (O-Camp)

Program Dates:  evening or August 18 to noon August 23, 2012

Resident Assistant – Job Description

The Temporary-Resident Assistant (T-RA) plays a crucial role in making a strong interpersonal connection between newly arriving international students and Whitman College.  The T-RA will pick up incoming international students at the airport and help them settle into temporary housing at Whitman College.  The T-RA will be a resource, a peer, a new friend and advisor about impending college life and try to comfort and reassure incoming students at the beginning of their adjustment to the US and Whitman College.  The T-RA will assist with meals/snacks and give campus tours. The T-RA will encourage jet lagged students to communicate with family upon their arrival and to rest and adjust to new time zone.

- The T-RA will meet with the supervisors 1 or 2 times before O-camp to chart the student arrival dates.  On Friday afternoon August 17th (or date TBA) the T-RA will meet with the supervisors to finalize details.

- One of the T-RA will be expected to stay in the assigned residence house provided by Residence Life after the first students arrives (Saturday-Monday) and then join the group at Camp Kiwanis  Tuesday evening through Thursday early afternoon. 

-  The international students will be on an outing program from 9-5 all day Monday Aug. 20th.  The T-RA will have no obligations during this time.

--Tuesday morning the T-RA will help students move their large bags into their permanent dorm rooms and is invited to join the group for lunch.

-The T-RA will be active in setting up camp and tearing down on Thursday and cleaning the camp before departure.

-The T-RA will form a group of returning international students to talk about tips for success at Whitman College and encourage ISFC club members to talk about the activities of the club.

-At camp the T-RA will be setting out/preparing food for 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch. 

-The T-RA’s duties will be completed when all the camp items are packed, students have returned to campus and the camp has been cleaned and staff returns to campus and off loads items.

**Driver's License is a plus**

Temporary Resident Assistant Application

Name:                                                  Phone:

Address:                                              Email:

Graduation Date:

1.Please briefly discuss any experiences you have had that would qualify you for this position.


2. Please briefly discuss why you would like to work as a T-RA.


3. Please list 2 references and phone numbers or emails.


Please attach your resume to your application and turn application into the Intercultural Center by Thursday, April 25th at 5:00pm.

Kristine (Kris) Barry, International Student & Scholar Adviser

Whitman College

Reid Campus Center 230

345 Boyer Ave. Walla Walla, WA 99362

office #509-527-5001

fax #509-527-5934