Wind Ensemble
Whitman Wind Ensemble

The Whitman College Wind Ensemble is a concert organization of 35-50 members performing the entire range of wind ensemble repertoire. The Wind Ensemble performs several times during the school year and the group occasionally tours. This group is open to all students by audition during the first week of classes

Professor Gary Gemberling conducts the Whitman Wind Ensemble.

Whitman Jazz Ensemble

The Whitman College Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo are Jazz bands open to all students through audition. These groups perform in a major concert each semester as well as playing short programs for a variety of other functions. The Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo also tour occasionally.

To see and hear Whitman's Jazz Ensemble, click here.

Dr. Scarborough conducts Whitman Jazz Ensemble.

Whitman Orchestra

The Whitman Orchestra is a versatile group, playing full symphonies as well as purely string works. The academic year includes fall, winter, and spring concerts, musicals or operas, and tours. Students and faculty are featured as soloists. Chamber ensembles are also organized for those interested. The Orchestra has been selected to perform at the Washington Music Educators Association Convention in 2012. The group is open to all Whitman students through audition.

Dr. Luongo conducts the Whitman Orchestra.

Whitman College Symphony Flute Concerto - Ibert by Whitman College Music

Whitman College Chorale

The 100-voice Whitman College Chorale is open to all Whitman students through audition. The choir performs many exciting pieces in campus concerts each semester. In addition, there is a select chorus, the Whitman College Chamber Singers, which performs several times a year.

Dr. Mims conducts the Whitman College Chorale and Chamber Singers.

Listen to Selections

Whitman College Opera Workshop

The Whitman College Opera Workshop presents opera scenes each fall and spring in Chism Recital Hall. The singers benefit from intensive staging and coaching with Whitman music faculty members. Any student who is registered for voice lessons is welcome to audition. In addition, the Music Department presents an opera or major musical every year in collaboration with the Theater Department.

Piano and Accompanying Studies

One of the most active areas of study in the music department is in piano. Piano study is available at all stages of development, introductory through performance levels. Regardless of major, Whitman College students are encouraged to study piano. In addition to weekly private lessons, each instructor has a weekly performance class.  This gives students the opportunity to perform in front of their colleagues. Recital opportunities are available for students who are interested.

The piano accompanying program also is active at Whitman.  Reserved for students studying at Whitman on piano scholarship (available through auditions), this ensemble provides the unique opportunity and experience to collaborate with other colleagues.  This includes accompanying both instrumentalists and vocalists.  Any student wishing to accompany additional students may receive work-study money to do so.

Professor Melissa Loehnig is head of piano

Jackie Wood is head of accompanying studies at Whitman.

For perfomance dates of these ensembles, see the Schedule of upcoming events

Whitman Concerto Competition

The Whitman College Department of Music is proud to offer the semi annual Concerto Aria Competition. To perform, a number of students compete on a variety of instruments at a competition in the fall and the winner(s) will perform in the Whitman Orchestra Spring Concert.

Please contact Dr. Luongo for additional quesitons regarding the competition.

Here are last years winners.