Dec. 11-12: "Veilings"

Where: Cordiner Hall

When: Friday, December 11, 8:00 PM to Saturday, December 12


The Whitman Dance Theater presents "Veilings," directed by choreographer Vicki Lloid, Whitman adjunct instructor of dance.

Veilings poster"Veilings" consists of several movements involving rituals of veiling and unveiling faces of the dancers. In one of its movements Kayla and Tara appear on stage. Kayla stands before Tara who covers Kayla's face with her own hair. Kayla lunges forward and as she returns she flips her hair away from her face. Again Tara covers Kayla's face, and again Kayla flips the hair from her face. Kayla then breaks free of Tara in a burst of defiance, frenzy, and ecstasy. Eventually, when her movements subside, Tara goes to Kayla and again covers her face.

While "Veilings" has clear references to middle eastern culture both in form and music, it is also a meditation well grounded in beauty and respect for traditions and cultural patterns. Thus, the universal themes of rebellion, change and obedience are replicated within the movements of the dance.

Modern dance opens its doors to an infinite vocabulary of movement, and Lloid uses the entire movement palate to inform and guide her dancers.

This concert also includes contributions from three students who have choreographed their own works using a wide range of dancers. The advantage of such a venture is to allow students to contribute their own notions of dance form to the production. Three student choreographers, Rhya Milici, Kate Robinette, and Brenton Weyi will be adding their individual efforts to the variety of rich expression in this evening of performance.