Technology Services Consultant

Date: 08/22/2011 Office/Department: Technology Services
Starting Wage: $9-$12 per hour Supervisor: Student Consultant Managment Group
Openings: No Department Head: Chief Technology Officer

Technology Services: Student Consultant (new applicants for Fall 2011) Job Description

General Description

Technology Services Student Consultants are student employees of Whitman College Technology Services. Consultants' basic responsibilities are assisting the Whitman community in accessing and using technology resources. They work with other members of Technology Services staff to provide an environment that meets the needs of faculty, staff, and students. Consultants report to the Consultant Management Group (Comprised of Robert Fricke, Consultant/IT Support Services; David Sprunger, Assistant Director, Multimedia Development and Services; Jon Loney, Manager, Instructional Media Services and the Student Consultant Managers).

Area Descriptions


  • Assist the Whitman campus community (students, faculty, and staff) in the use of computer lab facilities. Answer user questions and help solve computer-related problems.
  • Consistently follow current procedures for maintaining the appearance, function, and security of the lab and/or event/classroom equipment environments.
  • Assist Technology Services staff in:
    • Maintaining safe, clean and operational technology environments.
    • identifying and solving hardware and software problems relating to the use of lab, event, and classroom equipment.
    • performing routine operations.
    • developing technology-related materials (e.g. tutorials/documentation, web-based applications, video recordings).
  • Complete assigned Technology Services projects in a timely manner.
  • Arrive on time for all shifts, or find a substitute within a reasonable amount of time (at least 24 hours) prior to shift(s).
  • Project a professional, helpful demeanor, representing Technology Services in an appropriate fashion.
  • Continuously develop personal expertise on relevant topics by seeking guidance from WCTS staff and/or using self-direction to further knowledge when unsupervised.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Individuals should at minimum possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities or be able to explain/demonstrate competence to perform the essential functions of the job. All working Consultants shall meet or exceed these standards for the duration of their employment*:

  • Basic knowledge in use of both Macintosh and Windows current operating systems. Comfort in one environment is mandatory.
  • Competence with common software found on campus, including Microsoft Office applications, web browsers, and other internet-related applications. Experience with applications comparable or equivalent to those used at Whitman is acceptable, but you will be expected to familiarize yourself with Whitman's equivalent applications.
  • Strong service orientation, and professional appearance/presentation. Experience in customer service preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and harmonious working relationships both with other consultants and a variety of campus constituencies.
  • Ability and desire to learn quickly and independently.
  • Presence of mind and fearlessness to ask questions/seek answers as needed of fellow student consultants and Technology Services staff.
  • Ability to make technical issues understandable to non-technical people.
  • Ability to carry out assigned duties and projects to their completion or resolution.
  • Ability to keep clear and thorough records.
  • Ability to work with limited supervision.
  • Self-motivation to follow the letter and the spirit of this job description.

* some training will be provided to aid in acquiring these skills. You will, however, be asked to demonstrate that you have worked to meet these requirements.

Terms of Employment

Technology Services Student Consultants are employed by the academic year (or semester when appropriate), or until termination, resignation, or graduation. Termination may result from failure to perform duties and responsibilities as detailed in this job description, or in area-specific job descriptions (including but not limited to General Lab duties, HelpDesk, Supply Running, Multimedia, Classroom stewardship, and event support). Generally, applications for the Student Consultant position will be made available on or about the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Previous employment by Technology Services: This is not a guarantee of future employment, re-application is required. Though all applicants will receive equal consideration, past WCTS job performance will be heavily considered during the hiring process.

Areas Within Technology Services

Supply Runner

The supply runner maintains and stocks the general labs by doing basic cleaning, stocking of paper in printers, pushing in chairs, and making sure that all of the computers and printers within the labs are in working condition. The supply runner also does tasks as assigned by WCTS staff and/or Helpdesk staff. Supply runners may also be cross-trained on the Helpdesk.

General Labs

This is the foundational Consultant position in WCTS. Basic duties include staffing the Library, supplying and maintaining Whitman's computer labs (Maxey, Olin, Science and the Library) and helping students, faculty and staff address problems they encounter while using these facilities.


The Helpdesk is WCTS's primary contact point for anyone in the Whitman community. Staffed by advanced-level Consultants (as well Technology Services staff), the Helpdesk is responsible for troubleshooting a wide variety of technical problems, answering an even wider variety of technology-related questions, and triaging support requests for escalation to the rest of the WCTS staff.

Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS)

Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS) provides multimedia equipment checkout, support of Smart classrooms and Smart Spaces equipment, as well as technical support for live events on campus. IMS Consultants assist with the day-to-day operation of the IMS Office, multimedia equipment preparation, maintenance, check in/out, delivery and setup of equipment, live event support and other duties as assigned. IMS Consultants must be detail-oriented and possess or develop the ability to stay calm and focused in an often fast-paced environment.


Consultant Managers assist Technology Services staff members in the general oversight, guidance, and supervision of Student Consultant employees. A minimum of one year of experience working for WCTS is required. Duties include overseeing staffing, coordinating training, and managing logistics and support in our various facilities. Strong interpersonal skills are a must, as is the ability to "see the big picture".

Multimedia Development Lab (MDL)

The Multimedia Development Lab, located in Hunter Conservatory, is a specialized lab designed to help the Whitman Community accomplish multimedia-driven projects, such as posters, presentations, videos, graphics, audio editing, etc. Consultants working in the MDL have two fundamental duties: to help Whitman community members learn how to use multimedia software and hardware in the context of accomplishing their projects, and to actively develop a broad understanding of multimedia technologies. Basic knowledge of, or the strong desire to learn about, multimedia hardware and software, including photo scanners, and video recording devices, Adobe Creative Suite, iLife, and the Final Cut Studio is required.