Date: 08/19/2012 Office/Department: Harvey Pool
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Jennifer Blomme
Openings: No Department Head: Dean Snider

Harvey Pool - Baker Ferguson Fitness Center

Position: Lifeguard

Position Description:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lifeguard during variety of activities: lap swim, kayak instruction, lessons, swim meets, open swim, etc.  
  • Regular maintenance of pool environment.
  • Interact with patrons, answer questions, etc.  
  • Test chemicals and keep accurate records of chemicals, incidents, and maintenance. 


Must possess current Lifeguarding certification.  Red Cross certification preferred.

Strong candidates will possess prior lifeguarding experience and be responsible, prompt, and professional.


TO APPLY, SEND AN EMAIL DIRECTLY TO THE SUPERVISOR: , Jennifer Blomme, Head Swimming Coach and Aquatics Director. 

Lifeguard tryouts for new guards will be held to assess rescue, swimming, CPR skills on Sunday,  August 26th from 8-10am; tryouts for returning guards will be held Monday, August 27th from 1:30-3:30pm.

Please contact Jennifer Blomme before Lifeguard Tryouts to be considered for the job.