Information Desk Staff

Date: 08/02/2011 Office/Department: Reid Campus Center
Starting Wage: Minimum Supervisor: Associate Dean of Students
Openings: No Department Head: Associate Dean of Students

Position is closed!


The Information Desk staff has three primary responsibilities.  First, the Desk Staff acts as a receptionist and greeter for the Reid Campus Center.  The Desk Staff should welcome users of the facility as they enter the building.  Second, the Desk Staff is a source of information concerning events and locations within the Reid Campus Center as well as elsewhere on campus.  It is important that Desk staff knows the answers to questions or can find the answer to questions when asked.  Third, the Desk Staff is expected to help enforce building policies and provide security for the facility in terms of what is brought into and what is removed from the facility. 


  1. Act as the receptionist/greeter for the Reid Campus Center
  2. Exhibit excellent customer service skills
  3. Answer telephone, provide information and assist campus center users
  4. Maintain a current knowledge of Reid Campus Center events
  5. Maintain a current knowledge of campus events
  6. Give directions to locations in the Reid Campus Center and elsewhere on campus
  7. Explain, interpret and enforce Reid Campus Center policies
  8. Keep "Upcoming Events" bulletin board organized and neat looking. 
  9. Maintain a log of issues/needs in the building
  10. Contact Security (5777) when alarm sounds in panel by Boyer Street door
  11. Provide building security for the first floor doors
  12. Record door counts when requested to do so
  13. Contact appropriate building staff to deal with issues and needs
  14. Other duties as assigned


  1. Ability to be professional, courteous and helpful to anyone requesting information about the services/programs within the Reid Campus Center or general college information.
  2. Ability to be prompt and dependable.  If you are unable to work an assigned shift, you must secure a substitute.
  3. Ability to confront peers and enforce Whitman College polices and Reid Campus Center policies in an educational and non-antagonistic manner.
  4. Familiarity with Reid Campus Center and the Whitman campus.
  5. Ability to work with limited supervision.
  6. Must be a full-time student in good academic standing with the College.
  7. Appearance must be presentable to the public and your nametag must be worn during your shift.
  8. No homework, eating of food or socializing with friends while on duty.


                   *********************CLOSING DATE APRIL 15th**********************