Building Manager

Date: 08/02/2011 Office/Department: Reid Campus Center
Starting Wage: $9.75 Per Hour Supervisor: Director of Conference and Events
Openings: No Department Head: Associate Dean of Students

Positions are closed!

Whitman College Reid Campus Center Building Managers


Reid Campus Center seeks to provide our student staff with learning opportunities outside the classroom.  We expect our student staff to participate in experiences that develop and demonstrate leadership, character, confidence and responsibility.  We anticipate that our student building manager staff will attain a level of competence in each of the following learning outcomes: 

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Decision-Making
  • Leadership
  • Applied Skills


Student building managers are an integral part of the Reid Campus Center staff.  Each evening and weekend during the academic year, a member of the building manager staff is on duty at Reid Campus Center.  During that time, the building manager has full responsibility for the facility, the programs and the well-being of all building users.  It is a position that comes with much reponsibility, accountability and a high level of trust.  Listed below are the learning outcomes that all building managers will be expected to master after completing a year in the position.  Building managers employed longer than a year are expected to become proficient in teaching these skills to their less experienced colleagues.



Building managers are expected to have excellent communication skills and to use their skills to create positive working relationships, whether they are one-time or on-going.  It is expected that building managers will take the initiative to create these relationships rather than waiting to be approached. 

  • Actively greets and establishes rapport with individuals/groups using the facility
  • Articulates clearly and actively listens, maintaining eye contact and focus on building user(s)
  • Initiates contact with "event" coordinator prior to each scheduled event
  • Explains, interprets, and enforces building policies as needed
  • Composes and sends a "shift report" to the full staff at the conclusion of each shift 

Customer Service

Customer service is a hallmark of the Reid Campus Center and works in partnership with excellent communication skills.  It is imperative that building managers understand what is involved in providing excellent customer service and that these skills are demonstrated in all of their interactions with building users. 

  • Always available and easily approachable to building users
  • Responds to building user requests in a timely, professional manner
  • Checks meeting spaces for correct layout and AV equipment prior to each function
  • Handles complaints or an irate person in a courteous, helpful manner
  • Wears nametag, complies with dress code and presents an overall positive appearance


Building managers participate in trainings and staff meetings where the philosophies, policies and operating procedures of Reid Campus Center are discussed.  Building managers are expected to know, abide by and enforce these items.  However, it is impossible to train building managers on every possible situation that may arise.  Building managers may be required to use their discretion to make certain decisions, using their knowledge of Reid Campus Center policies as a guide.  

  • Displays ability to make good choices and understands the consequences of each decision
  • Makes self-directed/on-the-spot decisions based on positional knowledge base
  • Makes appropriate judgment calls when previous precedent/experience does not exist
  • Explains judgment call decisions to Reid Campus Center Director as necessary after the fact
  • Attends and participates in all building manager meetings, providing input on group decisions 


Building managers must demonstrate strong leadership that encompasses both responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the facility. As the building manager is often the only staff member in the facility during nights and weekends, leadership by example must be demonstrated at all times. 

  • Comes to work prepared and dedicated to the position and the tasks of the shift
  • Assumes responsibility for the operation, activities, safety and security in the Reid Campus Center
  • Confronts and reports violations of Reid Campus Center and College policies
  • Tours the entire facility each hour, paying particular concern to building usage, safety and cleanliness
  • Knows emergency procedures concerning fire alarms, elevator emergencies, injuries, storms, etc. 

Applied Skills

Applied skills are job requirements that are particular to the Reid Campus Center building manager position and must be mastered in order to be fully trained and successful in the position.  

  • Sets-up, uses and stores the AV equipment in the Ballroom, in G02 and in 107 correctly
  • Reads, understands and appropriately uses the daily reservation and AV reports
  • Resets rooms as outlined by the daily schedule or as needed
  • Maintains a safe, clean, welcoming space within the Campus Center at all times
  • Closes/secures or opens the facility as needed 


  • Current full-time Whitman College student, in good academic standing
  • Fine attention to detail, professionalism, dependability and communication skills
  • Exceptional decision-making skills
  • Ability to work independently, with limited direct supervision
  • Previous customer service experience preferred, but not required


  • 8-12 hours per week
  • Late evening and weekends
  • Ability to lift and move equipment weighing up to 60 pounds
  • $9.75/hour wage

Application  (Copy and Paste into Word)

Reid Campus Center Employment Application

                                      Campus Center Office / Reid Campus Center 202




CAMPUS PHONE NUMBER: ______________  Major:_________________________________


            First-Year                    Sophomore                  Junior                          Senior


______Building Manager       ______ Information Desk                  ______  Set-up Crew


Will this be your only current employment?     _____YES          _____NO


On the back side of this page or on another piece of paper (please type or use computer):  Please return this application with your answers to the questions listed below. 


1.         List former and present extracurricular activities indicating leadership roles, offices held, and honors received in college.


2.         List in chronological order your work experience to date, including part-time and summer positions.  List nature or type of work.


3.         What experiences, skills, or talents do you have that would benefit you as an employee in the Reid Campus Center?


4.         References: Two names of references from College staff, faculty, or recent employers (prefer people from the Whitman Community) should be listed.  Include name, phone number, and mailing address (if applicable).


I have read the job description and understand the responsibilities of the position for which I am applying.  If selected for a position, I am willing to accept those responsibilities and to work the shifts for which I’ve agreed to work.


Signature:                                                                                 DATE:                                                          



Questions?  Please contact the Reid Campus Center Office at 527-5208.  Thank you!



Return application to the Reid Campus Center Office, 202 or




[Closing Date April 15th]