Office Assistant

Date: 08/22/2011 Office/Department: Financial Aid
Starting Wage: Minimum wage Supervisor: Tyson Harlow
Openings: No Department Head: Marilyn Ponti

The purpose of the student assistant(s) job is to provide additional help in the Office of Financial Aid Services, performing those tasks which do not require an in depth knowledge of financial aid.

The student(s) duties and responsibilities will consist of:

1.) Filing forms and documents in individual student files

2.) Creating files for individual students when needed

3.) Sending email, campus mail and mail to students' home addresses when needed

4.) Opening and date stamping mail as needed

5.) Data Input

6.) Answering phones on occasion when needed

7.) Copying forms

8.) Scans files 

Job qualifications include:

1.) Attentiveness to detail

2.) Ability to keep information confidential

3.) Good typing skills

4.) Ability to get along with people

5.) Ability to climb stairs

Minimum Wage - Position is limited to 6 hours per week.

Financial Aid is not open on weekends.



Marilyn Ponti, Director of Financial Aid

Tyson Harlow, Assistant Director of Financial Aid