Laboratory Prep Assistant

Date: 08/11/11 Office/Department: Biology
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Martha Holt
Openings: No Department Head: Biology Technician


Laboratory Prep Assistants assist the Biology Department Technicians in preparing for the various lab sessions. The Lab Prep Assistants will follow all safety procedures as outlined by the Biology Department and the College. They must be able to communicate effectively and follow directions, both written and verbal, as laid out for them.


  1. Helping to make media and chemical solutions
  2. Labeling containers of prepared solutions with contents and hazards
  3. Organizing, cleaning, and testing equipment before each lab
  4. Assembling apparati
  5. Helping with the sterilization and decontamination of equipment and solutions
  6. Cleaning up the labs after usage
  7. Helping to maintain the department’s educational posters and displays
  8. Helping to maintain the department’s inventory of equipment and chemicals


Lab Prep Assistants must have some background in Biology or Chemistry lab practises