Laboratory Assistant

Date: 08/11/11 Office/Department: Biology
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Martha Holt
Openings: No Department Head: Biology Technician


Laboratory Assistants work directly with the faculty and students in lab classes. The Laboratory Assistants will follow all safety procedures as outlined by the Biology Department and the College. They must be able to communicate effectively and follow directions, both written and verbal, as laid out for them.


  1. Answering questions regarding laboratory exercises from students present in the lab
  2. Maintaining the cleanliness of the lab and the equipment in it
  3. Obtaining glassware, plant and animal materials, and solutions from the stockroom, and returning solutions, slides, glassware and equipment to the proper storage areas after the lab
  4. Helping with the preparation of solutions, including the labeling of containers with contents and hazards
  5. Helping with suggestions for fine tuning the labs to run better
  6. Helping to see that safety procedures are carefully followed in the classroom and on field trips
  7. For field trips: passing the college's van training, checking out vehicles from the Physical Plant prior to the field trip, driving during the field trip, and checking the vehicles back into the Physical Plant after the trip
  8. Other duties as assigned by the faculty or Biology Technician.


Lab Assistants must have previously taken the course for which they are applying.