Herbarium Assistant

Date: 08/11/11 Office/Department: Biology
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Martha Holt
Openings: No Department Head: Biology Technician


Herbarium Assistants assist the botany professor and the Department Technician in maintaining Whitman College’s Herbarium. The Herbarium Assistants will follow all safety procedures as outlined by the Biology Department and the College. They must be able to communicate effectively and follow directions, both written and verbal, as laid out for them.


  1. Maintaining the Herbarium in good order
  2. Curating the plant collection, including the mounting, labeling, and cataloguing of new specimens
  3. Filing specimens used in labs back into the collection
  4. Repairing old and damaged specimens
  5. Entering specimen information into the Herbarium database
  6. Preventing and controlling any pest problem
  7. Informing the botany professor or Biology Technician of any existing or potential problems


Herbarium Assistants must have a strong interest in botany