Greenhouse Assistant

Date: 08/11/11 Office/Department: Biology
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Martha Holt
Openings: No Department Head: Biology Technician


Greenhouse Assistants assist the Botany professor and the Department Technician in maintaining the Greenhouse plant collection.  The Greenhouse Assistant will follow all safety procedures as outlined by the Biology Department and the College. They must be able to communicate effectively and follow directions, both written and verbal, as laid out for them.


  1. Watering the plants on a regular basis
  2. Controlling pests on the plants
  3. Maintaining the stocks of greenhouse supplies
  4. Maintaining the Greenhouse’s teaching collection
  5. Maintaining a data base on specifications of each of the plants in our collection
  6. Supervising the proper climatic conditions within the Greenhouse
  7. The propagation of plants for use in classes and research
  8. The propagation and selling of plants in the department’s annual plant sales, including the setting up and running of these plant sales


 Greenhouse assistants must have a strong interest in botany.  Some previous work in a greenhouse type setting is preferred.