Aquaria Assistant

Date: 08/05/2011 Office/Department: Biology
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage + More Depending On Experience Supervisor: Martha Holt
Openings: No Department Head: Biology Technician


Aquaria Assistants work directly with the Department Technician in maintaining the display aquaria set up throughout the building.  The Aquaria Assistants will follow all safety procedures as outlined by the Biology Department and the College.  They must be able to communicate effectively and follow both written and verbal directions as laid out for them.Their primary responsibility will be to maintain allaquaria, specifically:


  1. Feeding and watering the animals on a regular basis
  2. Cleaning the aquaria and cages as well as the areas where they are housed
  3. Making display signs including descriptions of the animals in each aquarium
  4. Checking and adjusting water chemistry in the aquatic aquaria and adjusting soil quality in the terrariums
  5. Maintaining stocks of food and cleaning supplies needed for each type of animal
  6. Seeking advice and maintaining communication with the Department Technician


Aquaria assistants must have a strong interest in taking care of our animals.  Some experience in maintaining small animals is preferred.

Any one interested can contact Martha Holt at