Vehicle Maintenance Technician

Date: 10/31/2012 Office/Department: Outdoor Program
Starting Wage: Minimum Supervisor: Assistant Director
Openings: No Department Head: Outdoor Program Director


The Vehicle Maintenance Technician will work 2-4 hours/week, (more during busy seasons and less during off-seasons).  The primary purpose of this position is to designate once person for the consistent basic maintenance check-up as well as the interior and exterior cleaning of the Outdoor Program truck and minivan.


  1. Perform weekly (or as needed) maintenance checkup on the OP truck and minivan
  2. Complete basic maintenance checks, as well as any other repairs the technician is able to identify and repair
  3. Take vehicles to auto mechanic to get more significant repairs done
  4. Wash the exterior of each vehicle regularly and clean and vacuum the interior of each
  5. Other duties as assigned
  6. Uphold all policies of the Outdoor Program and Outdoor Rental Shop


  1. Ability and comfort driving a mini van and large full bed truck and/or van driver certified
  2. Motivated, self directed, positive attitude, and a willingness to learn skills needed to run maintenance checks on vehicles
  3. Technical knowledge of truck and van maintenance is helpful, but not required


   1.  An ability to project a positive and professional image
   2.  An ability to function on the job with limited supervision
   3.  Willingness to work extra hours beyond the regular schedule
   4.  An ability to project, promote, and maintain a helpful, customer service outlook
   5.  A willingness to make a commitment to the position for at least one academic year
   6.  Commitment to finding a substitute in the event of a conflict that prevents an employee for                 working a particular shift
   7.  Enthusiasm for the outdoors and familiarity with the outdoor program are helpful, but not required



We request that you provide a cover letter addressing the following questions and any other pertinent information.  Also include one letter of reference.  Internviews will be conducted immediately and selection of candidate will be announced prior to the beginning of Winter Break.

Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Year in School: _____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________

Submission Date: _____________________________________________________


The following application qualifies you for consideration as the Outdoor Program Vehicle Maintenance Technician.  Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability and email to Stuart Chapin, Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs at


1)  Why would you like to be the Vehicle Maintenance Technician?


2)  What skills and experiences do you bring to this posisiton, especially vehicle maintenance?


3)  How do you plan to balance your duties as VMT with academic and campus commitments?


4)  Are you van certified through Whitman College?  If not, what kind of experience and comfort level do you have with driving a full size pick up truck?


5)  What additional qualifications can you bring to this position?


6)  Are you able to commit to one academic year, and possibly more in this position?


Please provide contact information for two references. 



Please email this application as an attachment to:

Stuart Chapin