Baker Ferguson Fitness Center Worker

Date: 08/11/2011 Office/Department: Baker Ferguson Fitness Center
Starting Wage: Minimum Wage Supervisor: Michele Hanford
Openings: No Department Head: Dean Snider

Baker Ferguson Fitness Center Student Worker


Work at the desk in the Baker Ferguson Fitness Center, answer the phones, check people into and out of the fitness center, clean equipment, assist people with their workouts, and do laundry for the Athletic Department.

1.  Student workers must be on some sort of work study to be eligible for employment. State, Federal or international student.

2.  I use the time and date stamp of email employment requests to hierarchy potential student staff employees for the hopefuls on the waitlist

3.  New semester sign-up starts after class registration so sometime around the end of registration we begin to fill the upcoming semesters’ schedule.

Sign up for shifts goes to tenured student staff first, AND according to their class registration times.  (4 Groups as given to me by the registrar.)

5.  After step 4 is complete, potential new hires are invited to peruse the schedule. Refer to point #2 above.

6.  A typical schedule for BFFC Student staff is 2 shifts, or 4 hours per week.  This puts them on the list serve. (by being on the list serve you can pick up sub shifts)

7.  Only those on the schedule,
may be on the list serve.  (We do not hire “sub-workers.”)

8.  And as an informational piece, students who go abroad are considered “New Hire” upon their return to Whitman campus.  Refer to # point #5 above.

Michele K. Hanford, Fitness Facilities Director

Lecturer Sports, Science, Recreation, Athletics

Whitman College

10 S. Park St.

Walla Walla, WA  99362

O. 509.527.5025

C. 509.520.0327