Predeparture Information

The Off-Campus Studies Office has prepared resources for you as you prepare for your semester or year off-campus.  We suggest that you carefully read over the materials that pertain to you – the Study Abroad Predeparture Handbook or the US Program Predeparture Pamphlet.  You should print and take with you the Whitman Emergency Contact List and the Whitman General Contact List, in the event that you need quick access to the contact information for certain people on campus.  These Whitman materials should be read in conjunction with the program-specific information you receive directly from your off-campus study program.

Aside from what is contained in the previously mentioned materials, you might also want to consider predeparture topics like diversity and sustainability while studying off-campus as well as how to access the Penrose Library and how to vote from off-campus.

Study Abroad Predeparture Handbook

U.S. Program Predeparture Pamphlet

Before Leaving Campus Checklist

Whitman Emergency Contact List

Whitman General Contact List



Penrose Library Resources from Abroad

Absentee Voting from Abroad