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Fetching Water in Kimana, Kenya. Photo by Isabella Lowery.

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The 10th Annual Off-Campus Studies Photography Competition recently drew to a close. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners listed below and thank all who entered this year's competition plus our wonderful judges, Gary Rollefson, Professor of Anthropology and OCS Committee member, Travis Congleton, Publications Designer, and Matt Ozuna, Interim Director, Intercultural Center & past OCS alum.

The image contest helps the OCS office to share students' off-campus experiences with the wider Whitman community, but, more importantly, it also helps the student participants to process their cultural experiences. We especially like how students submit not just pictures, but also a brief accompanying narrative. Together the images and the stories help all of us understand how students are transformed by studying abroad.

1st Place, Marie von Hafften '13 - People & Culture
Study Abroad Program: SIT Morocco Field Studies in Journalism and New Media
Image Title: Henna and Orange
On the first night with my Rabati family, my host mother painted my hands with henna, a plant-based dye that can last for more than a week. Henna welcomes guests and plays a central role in marriage ceremonies. The bright color of the henna reflected the tint of the oranges in Morocco, the sweetest I have ever tasted. So much of my life abroad was small moments between people and new sensory experiences; it's this stuff that is the most vivid in my memory.

2nd Place, Heather Domonoske, '13 - People & Culture
Study Abroad Program: SFS Summer Program: Himalayan Forests, Watersheds & Rural Livelihoods, Bhutan
Image Title: Mask Dance
We were in Bhutan for the Kurjey festival, in honor of Guru Rempoche’s birthday. We went to two different monasteries to see mask dances and receive blessings.

3rd Place, Madelaine Pyatt ‘13 - People & Culture
Study Abroad Program: Tel Aviv University, Israel
Image Title: Western Wall Old City Jerusalem
This is the view from outside the prayer section of the Western Wall. This photo was taken during Sukkot (one of the high holidays). The men’s prayer section (much larger than the women’s) is on the left; the women’s on the right.

1st Place, Lian Caspi ‘13 - Whitties in Action
Study Abroad Program: IFSA Butler: Mendoza Universities Program
Image Location/Title: Machu Picchu, Peru - Above the Sacred Valley
In this moment, sitting in this ancient city above a sacred valley, I was able to put together the historical and cultural knowledge that I had acquired in my time abroad, but also simply take in the energy and power that Machu Picchu holds.

2nd Place, Marta Schenck ‘13 - Whitties in Action
Study Abroad Program: SFS Wildlife Management Studies in Kenya and Tanzania
Image Title: Spending Time at an Orphanage
One day we visited an orphanage in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania, where we spent the afternoon hanging out with the children and painting decorations on newly finished walls in the orphanage.

3rd Place, Isabella Lowery ‘13 - Whitties in Action
Study Abroad Program: SFS Wildlife Management Studies in Kenya and Tanzania
Location: Kimana, Kenya
Image Title: Hands Dirty
I arrived at my home stay and the first thing we did was pick up cow dung and soil and start making plaster to reinforce the wall of the hut. It was so unexpected, but I just went for it with my host mama. I was surprised at how nice it felt to get my hands dirty. All of us, Massai and American, were laughing together at how ridiculous and fun the situation was.

1st Place, Julia Bowman ‘13 - Landscape
Study Abroad Program: CIEE Khon Kaen Development & Globalization, Thailand
Image Title: Sunset at Ko Phangnan
This photo was taken on an island in the south during spring break. Although it was not part of the abroad program, my brief travels in the south helped me to appreciate the beauty of the landscape in Thailand, and also the slow lifestyle.

Competition judges each year are individuals from the college, and consist of an Off-Campus Studies Committee member and faculty representative, a Whitman staff member with a publications and marketing background, and a staff or faculty member with an intercultural perspective.