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The mission of Helpline is to affirm the worth of every person; address the needs of individuals, families and our community; and advocate for positive life transformation.

Social Media Fellow

Working at Helpline, the Fellow will expand their understanding of the power and influence of social media and community outreach. With hands on experience at our organization they will witness the needs of homeless and indigent persons in the Walla Walla area, which will allow a student the opportunity to connect and apply various aspects of social theory to everyday life. Our organization will support the professional growth of the Fellow through mentorship and providing feedback on their weekly work. Over the course of the academic year, the Fellow will gain experience in social media as a tool for education via Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and a weekly radio show in addition to the opportunity to work closely with other social service agencies in Walla Walla.

Position Description and Application Instructions


Kelsey Beckmeyer, Housing Coordinator