Jobs FAQ


Where can I find a job on-campus?

The best place to start is through iEngage, where the majority of on-campus employment will be posted.

I just got an on-campus job, what paperwork do I need to fill out?

BEFORE beginning any paid work at Whitman College, all student employees must complete a Federal Employment Eligibility (Form I-9) and  an Employee Withholding Allowance form for Federal Taxes (W-4 Form). Both of these forms MUST be completed prior to the first day of work. Any additional instructions for student employment procedures will be available from the Human Resources and Financial Aid websites.

Below is the list of ORIGINAL documents required in order to complete these two forms.  Please refer to the Whitman Human Resources website for other options and more information:ONE of any from this list: US Passport or Passport Card, Birth Certificate + Photo ID, or Photo + Social Security.

I'm a foreign student, do I have different paperwork?

You certainly do - and you'll need to find your way to the Intercultural Center in Reid 216. They can help you out!

When do I get paid?

First, you'll need to fill out your time sheet. Student time sheets must be turned in signed and dated to your supervisor no later than the 8th of every month. Payday is the 20th of every month - or the weekday closest to the 20th via direct deposit. Your direct deposit pay stub is available online via CLEo. 


How about off-campus work opportunities?

There are a number of excellent off-campus opportunities - some of which can be paid with work study eligibility.

Where is the jobs_internships listserv?

The jobs_internships listserv for current students has been phased out in spring of 2013, replaced by the iEngage system. Read more about iEngage here.