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Footprints Recruiting, Inc - Founded by two English teachers, Footprints Recruiting recruits ESL instructors from around the world and places these university graduates in teaching positions in safe, reputable English institutes and government programs worldwide. 

Global Routes - Global Routes offers semester teaching internships for students 17 years of age and older in Belize, Cambodia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand.

American Chambers of Commerce Abroad - A database of American Chambers of Commerce Abroad listed alphabetically. These are voluntary associations of American companies and individuals doing business in a particular country, as well as firms and individuals of that country who operate in the United States.

Global Washington's Careers in Global Development Center - Your online resource to find the best position or candidate in the global development sector from Washington State.

J.E.T. -  Each year the JET Programme, with the aid of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recruits thousands of new participants to come to Japan and experience a new and unique way of life. Participants are placed with local government organizations throughout Japan in every imaginable locality, including large cities, small and medium-sized towns, and rural farming and fishing villages. JET Programme participants come to Japan as one of the following positions: Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations, or Sports Exchange Advisor.

GoOverseas - Updated TEFL Jobs Listings, reviews of schools left by teachers and Teach Abroad articles + guides to help teachers find the perfect job abroad.

Oxford Seminars - Oxford Seminars offers certification programs for anyone with interest in teaching English as a second language. In addition to certification courses, students have access to an extensive job database and graduate placement services, so they can find the best position for them, at the destination of their choice.

Peace Corps - Peace Corps Volunteers serve in 74 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Collaborating with local community members, volunteers work in areas like education, youth outreach, health, community development, the environment, and information technology.

Transitions Abroad - For over 30 years, the comprehensive resource for meaningful work abroad, study abroad, cultural travel overseas, and international living. 

Whitman in China - The Whitman in China program (WIC) provides Whitman alumni with an opportunity to spend one year in China teaching English at a Chinese university. By living and working in China, program participants witness the rapid modernization of this important nation and experience Chinese culture first hand. At the same time, Whitman in China teachers give Chinese university students the rare opportunity to study English with native speakers.  

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