Whitman Community Fellow Program

Above images are partner organizations from the 2014-15 school year. Applications are now open for 2015-2016.

This initiative is possible thanks to very generous support from the Sherwood Trust.

The Student Engagement Center is delighted to announce that the popular Whitman Community Fellow program will continue in 2015-16, thanks in large part to generous new support from the Sherwood Trust.

Application packets for organizations wishing to have a Fellow are available 9:00 am on Monday June 15 by contacting Marisol Becerra in the Student Engagement Center via becerrm@whitman.edu. Applications for Fellow positions will be due at 12 pm on Friday, July 17. No applications will be reviewed before or accepted after the 17th.

Here is additional information about last year’s Community Fellow program and the Fellow projects.

Program Description

A rewarding opportunity to "think global, act local"

The Whitman Community Fellow Initiative is an opportunity for a cohort of juniors and seniors to spend an academic year working part-time at one of a number of prominent organizations in Walla Walla, to help address some of the area’s most pressing social, economic and cultural challenges.

As part of the year-long program, Community Fellows will receive professional mentoring, targeted career development guidance and the opportunity to meet successful, high-level leaders in Walla Walla. Fellows also will receive broad exposure to local organizations in addition to the one where they are working. Finally, they will have the chance to learn about important issues in southeastern Washington, gaining experience and understanding that can be valuable to their professional and academic pursuits.

Community Partners have included: Walla Walla Leaders Network, Helpline Walla Walla, Downtown Walla Walla Foundation Walla Walla STEP Shelter, Washington Small Business Development Center, Children's Resilience Initiative, Public Health-Always Walla Walla County, United Way of Walla Walla County, Walla Walla County Department of Court Services, Whitman Mission National Historic Site, Blue Mountain Action Council, Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce, SonBridge Community Center, Blue Mountain Land Trust, Walla Walla Symphony, The Health Center, Community Council, Ink-Out, and Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts.

Program Details

Click here for details about the 2014-2015 Fellows Program.

Job Descriptions for the 2014-2015 Community Fellows Program