Quick Tips to Finding a Job:

-What skills do you have from other jobs, volunteerism, internships or classes?  Apply to employers on or off campus who could appreciate those skills.

-In what kind of environment have you worked or volunteered?  Inquire at departments that fit your background, i.e. food service, technical areas, outdoor work, or office settings.

 -Remember to emphasize skills you have used that fit the needs of the job you are applying to!  Don’t let the employer assume you have skills, tell them!

-When dropping off applications or stopping by to inquire about a possible job, dress up and look like you are ready to go to work.  First impressions count!

 -Be as flexible as you can about the hours and days you are available.

-Need more help?  Call for an appointment, 509-527-5183.

I have a job, now what?

If this is your first time being hired by an employer, you will need to fill out various payroll forms. Among them are the I-9 and W-4 forms, and if working for Whitman you will also do Electronic Deposit.

  • For the I-9 you will need to bring original ID documents
  • For Electronic Deposit at Whitman: If you have checks, bring a voided one; if not, contact your bank to get the routing number for ACH.

iEngage - your one stop shop

Looking for a job? iEngage is the place to be. On- and off-campus jobs are posted through the system, with customizable Search Agents that can send you email updates based on your selected search preferences. 

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