Whitman Internship Grant FAQ

Q. Do you give extensions?  

NO. The deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, April 2nd. Late applications will not be accepted.

Q. Can I hand write the application? 

NO. It must be typed and submitted electronically to Marisol Becerra. Her email is becerrm@whitman.edu.

Q. What if I can't get a signature from my employer supervisor? 

If for some reason this proves to be difficult, come into the SEC and discuss it with us. Be sure to make every possible effort to acquire the signature well before the deadline.

Q. Can I work less than 10 weeks if I work more than 20 hours a week? 


Q.  Can I take a week off in the middle of my internship to attend _____? 

YES, but only if your supervisor approves it. You still need to work 10 weeks total, however.

Q. Can I work remotely and have a "remote" supervisor? 

NO, there must be a direct supervisor for your internship.

Q. Can my 10 weeks start before the semester ends or last into the Fall semester? 

NO. The 10 week internship must be completed during the Whitman College summer break.

Q. When will I know whether my internship got funded? 

We will inform you of the status of your application by April 18th.

Q.  What if my internship doesn't get funded? Is there additional funding available?

You are encouraged to come in to the SEC to discuss your options. However, this is a unique program within Whitman and there are not many other resources we can provide.