International Internships

travel/passport clipartInternational Internship Funding - Summer 2014

**NEW  Stipends for Internships outside of the United States: Summer 2014 Pilot Project**

Info session: Friday, February 21st at Noon in Reid 240

Whitman, through the Student Engagement Center, is pleased to announce that through a competitive process we will be able to award up to five $3000 stipends for students who develop internships outside of the United States. In addition, we will be able to award additional funds to cover travel and accommodation for students who demonstrate a need and have explored other options to cover those costs. This is a pilot project and future opportunities to award these funds will be contingent on success during this summer's trial run.

Should you apply?

This pilot project was designed for students who have significant experience, awareness, familiarity or existing relationships with organizations or individuals outside of the United States. The program is primarily designed for 2nd and 3rd year Whitman students who have developed long term professional goals and have clarity about their academic goals or have established direction to their studies and career plans. Whitman students' safety and security are of foremost importance, and the application process is designed to minimize foreseeable risks associated with the internship.

In addition, consistent with this focus on students' safety and security, for this pilot year, internships must be at organizations, businesses or government agencies that:

  1. Are established and financially secure and have websites that instill confidence in the reader, AND
  2. Have a connection to Whitman (via a member of Governing Board, staff, or faculty, or alumni or parent)

Applicants must be in good academic and conduct standing before they can be approved.


International Internship Information and Application (2014 Pilot Program)

Unaccompanied Student International Internship Release Form (2014 Pilot Program)


This program is not intended for students to begin an exploration of an issue, industry or part of the world where they have a basic curiosity. The application timeline, which moves quickly, is organized with that target audience in mind.

Tuesday, February 18: Announce program to campus
Friday, February 21: Noon information session for interested students held in Reid 240
Monday, March 3: Completed applications due to SEC by 5:00 pm
Week of March 3:  Review of applications
Week of March 10: Interviews with finalists
Week of April 7: Mandatory orientation meeting #1
Week of April 21: Mandatory orientation meeting #2