Graduate and Professional School

Annual Grad School Fair > October 9th!

Whitman College graduates pursue graduate and professional degrees in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. As a current student you can do a number of things to improve your candidacy and to select the programs that best meet your needs and desires. See our Graduate School Guide for tips and timelines for the application process. 

Events: Graduate and professional school representatives often come to Whitman to recruit, so watch the student listserv for email announcements about these opportunities. The SEC also hosts an annual Grad School Fair every fall semester - see last year's here.

Advising: As always, advising is available on your graduate and professional school options at the Student Engagement Center. Call us at 509-527-5183 or come by Reid Campus Center, Room 219, to make an appointment.

Links: Check out these helpful resources:

  • Business Degrees Online - A comprehensive directory of both online and campus-based professional degree and certificate programs from accredited colleges and universities across the US.
  • Findthebest - Sort and compare schools by acceptance rate, GMAT scores, and many other customizable fields.
  • Online PHD Programs - A comprehensive web directory of doctorate programs around the country.