Logistics of the Mentor Program

When you arrive at the school for the first time:

  • Check in at the main office. Ask to meet the intervention specialist or counselor for that school. They can help you with any questions you have and may be able to fill you in on important information about your mentee.
  • Sign-in (this is VERY important!) Sign-in sheets for the Whitman Mentor Program are located in the main school office.
  • Take a visitor's pass.
  • Ask the secretary how to find your mentee’s classroom.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher.
  • Tell her or him who your mentee is and what day of the week you meet.
  • Possibly set some goals for you and your mentee.
  • If you arrive at the school before lunch starts (see lunch schedule), you can find your mentee in the classroom. Otherwise, look for her or him in the lunchroom or on the playground.
  • Once a student’s lunch period is over, ask for teacher permission and you can accompany your mentee back to his or her classroom for quieter one-on-one time.
  • Check-out at the office and return visitor’s pass when you leave.

Every week when you arrive:

  • Sign-in and take a visitor's pass


  • Bring a lunch from home.
  • If you are on food service, see Susan Toddhunter in the Prentiss dining hall to arrange a weekly bag lunch for you.
  • Eat hot lunch with the kids at their school. It usually costs less than $2.00. Just call the school in the morning and let them know you would like a hot lunch.

If you get sick and cannot make it on your assigned day:

  • Call the intervention specialist (see "Contact Us" tab) so that they can notify your mentee. If you can not get a hold of the intervention specialist, leave a message for them, but also ask the secretary to notify your mentee’s teacher that you can not come.
  • Tell the intervention specialist if you can meet with your mentee a different day that week. Usually there is no problem rescheduling.

Planned Absence:

  • If you are going on planned vacation let your mentee know on your visit the week before. The Mentor Interns will notify the intervention specialists about Whitman vacations, but it is always better to hear it from you.
  • Try to re-schedule