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Mentor Interns, Fall 2011: Mollee Huisinga and Noah Lerner

Email us at:

Call us at: 509-527-5995

Stop by the office: Mollee and Noah have office hours in the Community Service office at the Student Engagement Center, Reid 224. This is a great time to drop by, ask us questions, check-in or just say hello!  We are available outside of our office hours, just call or email to set up an appointment.

Spring 2012 Office Hours:

Mollee: Wednesday 4-5pm, Thursday 2-3pm, Friday 10-Noon

Noah: Tuesday 3-5pm, Thursday 3-5pm

Whitman Community Service Coordinator: Abby Juhasz


Call: (509) 527-5183

Office: Next to the Intern Office in the Student Engagement Center, Reid 223.

Intervention Specialists

Email or Call your Intervention Specialist at your mentee's school to discuss particular students/situations, or let them know if you cannot make it to mentoring this week.