Welcome to the Whitman Mentor Program! 


The Whitman Mentor Program is so pleased that you are interested in mentoring a child in the Walla Walla community! This program has so much to offer both you and your mentee.

Applications are available now!  Complete your application here:

***NOTE: In order to enter Walla Walla Public Schools, there is a Washington State Patrol Clearance Form that you must sign before we can match you up with a "mentee". IN ORDER FOR YOUR MENTOR APPLICATION TO BE COMPLETE, YOU MUST COME BY THE OFFICE IN REID 219 TO SIGN THESE FORMS IN PERSON. Both of these steps must be completed in order for you to be considered as a Mentor.

The Whitman Mentor Program is a lot of fun and extremely rewarding. In addition, after reviewing the application materials you will find that we take our work with children very seriously. As the application reflects, a commitment to a child is nothing to take lightly. Therefore, we ask that you take an honest look at both yourself and your schedule for this academic year. If for any reason you feel your commitment to this program and your mentee may not be consistent throughout the entire academic year, please do not apply. It is more courageous to acknowledge what you are truly capable of rather than assuming too many responsibilities. Knowing your limits now will prevent you from abandoning a child later.

That said, if you are still filled with excitement for the Whitman Mentor Program--PLEASE APPLY! We need energetic, encouraging, wonderful, outstanding students like you! You can find our online application under the 'Application' Tab. And don't forget to come by the office (Reid 219) to sign the Washington State Patrol Clearance Forms!

If you have any further questions or need further information, please contact us! Stop by Reid 219, email us at, or call the office at 509-527-5995.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to receive your application soon! 



Colleen Bell and Cristela Delgado-Daniel

Mentor Program Interns

Community Service Office

Whitman College