Checking Out Books

Books are available in the Center for Community Service (Reid 208 across from the couches) and are organized into age appropriate sections. Additionally, each book is marked with a colored circle that indicates the approximate age-level. Even though books are marked for a specific age group, feel free to browse all sections (colored labels are simply there to help give you an idea of what is recommended for each group). Books in each shelf are alphabetized by TITLE. There is also a packet posted on the Story Time Bulletin board that lists all of the books we have in our collection, which you may use to check if we have a particular book in stock.

To check out books:

  • Find your stories and grab them off the shelves.
  • Write your name on the checkout card and the current date.
  • Books need to be returned at within 7 days. For each day late, you will be charge $0.25 (we will keep track of when books are checked out and due).
  • Place your card in the card organizer, according to the first letter of the title.
  • Simply return the books in the "Book Return" box on the bottom shelf.

Each month, we'll be featuring books on the top shelf (themes include Halloween, winter, friendship, family, etc.). Feel free to check those out as well!

Books are also available at:

Elementary school libraries
Walla Walla Public Library
Penrose Library (basement)

*Your community partners are also great resources when you need suggestions for what books to read. We encourage you to collaborate with community partners in choosing books and book themes!*