delivering giftsMonday, November 17, 2014 to Friday, December 10, 2013

Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-a-Family Program! The adoption process begins with the non-profit agency Blue Mountain Heart to Heart and The Health Center. 

Blue Mountain Heart to Heart's mission is to prevent new HIV and Hepatitis C infections and provide compassionate care and assistance for those infected and affected by these diseases.  For more information, please visit Blue Mountain Heart to Heart.

The Health Center’s mission is to promote the success of children by providing for their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. For more information, please visit the Health Center.

All families who qualify for the program live at or below the poverty level.

You can adopt a family in five easy steps:

1.     Collect Money - First, get a group of people from you residence hall, office, department, club, Greek group, sports team, etc. to commit to adopting a family and ask your group to donate whatever they can towards making your adopted family's holiday season a bit brighter. To decide what size family your group can afford, figure on $10 per family member for a food certificate and roughly $20 dollars per family member for gifts. Therefore, you should budget $150 for a family of 5.

2.     Contact us for a Match - After collecting your money and deciding on your family's size, contact Community Service by Monday, December 1st to receive your family's information sheet and wish lists, 527-5765 or

3.     Go Shopping - Once you have your information sheet, you can purchase your grocery store gift certificate. We really like Super 1 and Grocery Outlet on 9th Street, but you can pick any grocery store in town. Put the certificate in an unsealed envelope and clearly print your family's number on the outside. Place the envelope in the Gift Cards collection manila envelope at the drop-off site. Shop for the other gifts at stores you think are appropriate for you family. If you get stuck for ideas, remember gift certificates are great for adults and teenagers. Also, you can attach gift receipts to items you are unsure about in case the family needs to exchange them.

4.     Label Gifts - Put gifts for each family member in his/her own plastic grocery bag and clearly label the bag with the recipient's first name and the family's number. Please do not tie the bag closed too tightly since we'll need to take a peek! Put the bags together in large boxes or garbage bags with the family's number clearly marked on the outside. This ensures they receive everything you have purchased and makes delivery much easier. Please do not wrap gifts before delivering them. You may include gift bags or wrapping paper if you'd like. All items will be checked for appropriateness by the Community Service staff. The gifts will be wrapped by volunteers December 13th. You are welcome to come in to help wrap gifts once they have been checked.

5.     Deliver Gifts - Drop off location will be the Welty Health Center, which is open 24/7. Drop off of gifts will happen Wednesday, December 3rd - Wednesday, December 10th at 5PM. The final drop-off date is Wednesday, December 10th at 5PM.  

Thank you again for lending your support to the families of Walla Walla!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.