SCORE - Summer Community OutReach Excursions

Welcome to SCORE 2014!

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SCORE booklet coverExplore Walla Walla before classes start with a Summer Community OutReach Excursion (SCORE) trip! In addition to working with great non-profits and community organizations in town, you'll also get to see some of the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen, have a picnic dinner in the wheat fields (a Whitman-must), eat the legendary Walla Walla burrito, explore the fun parks in town, and SO MUCH MORE before other freshmen are even in town.

The excursions are student-led pre-orientation service trips for incoming Whitman students. These trips allow new students to participate in community service projects in the Walla Walla Valley and to get to know their fellow teammates through hard work and lots of fun. SCORE participants volunteer at a primary service project each day and go on field trips to non-profits to gain an understanding of the social issues that affect our community. Evening activities provide opportunities for fun and reflection for the new students and leaders. Students will be housed at nearby churches and will cook most meals together.

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What are people saying about SCORE?

"Going on the Food and Hunger SCORE helped me to identify with the Walla Walla community before arriving on campus, so that by the end of the excursion I felt like an integral part of the community. I also got to know the members of my group really well, so that by the time we were on campus, I felt I had already made a few of the many life long friendships I will have here at Whitman College. Lastly, being a part of SCORE also made me aware of the opportunities available to be involved in Walla Walla, so that I was less hesitant, and one could even say extremely eager, to get out of the Whitman bubble and be an asset to the Walla Walla community. All in all, SCORE was such a rewarding experience that I feel I have never learned so much nor grown so much as I did in that one week before starting college."

-Sayda Morales (Food & Hunger), '15

"On the Food & Hunger SCORE, I met one of my best friends at Whitman, who I never would have met if I hadn't done a SCORE. We live in different residence halls and take completely different classes, so without doing a SCORE, I never would have met her. We still eat dinner every night and even host a radio show together on KWCW that was inspired by our nightly SCORE routine of lullabies and story time. SCORE was the BEST way to start my first year of college!"

-Rachel Palfini (Food & Hunger), '15

“The Sustainability SCORE was a fantastic way to begin the school year.  I've always loved volunteering, and the first thing I was able to do was to give back to the community I will call home for the next four years of my life.  Being on a SCORE allowed me to experience Walla Walla, and understand the needs of the community and how to best address those needs… Being involved with SCORE allowed me to meet an incredible group of individuals that have now become some of my best friends, and inspired me to become more engaged in the community from the start.”    

-Beverly Li (Conservation & Consumption), ‘14

“The SCORE trip was the best experience I could possibly imagine to start my year at Whitman.  I felt instantly engaged in a community of people who care about making a difference in the world around them.  I was challenged and inspired – it rocked.”

-Ryan Campeau (Food & Hunger), ‘13

“SCORE was a great introduction to the amazing friends and volunteer programs at Whitman. I couldn't have been happier with my experience.”    

-Nehali Dave (Housing & Homelessness), ‘13