Meet the SEC

Marisol BecerraMarisol

Administrative Assistant
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Marisol started working at Whitman in February 2012. She also owns a fruit stand business in Milton Freewater, OR. She loves working in the Student Engagement Center, and helping connect students with the resources they need.


Abby Juhasz

Community Service Coordinator

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Abby joined the Student Engagement Center as the Community Service Coordinator in 2012. She is passionate about service, education, and student life. Abby earned a B.A. in Education from Wittenberg University, and an M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of California Riverside. Abby is excited to work with students to connect them with meaningful service experiences that give them opportunities to address community needs, explore interests, learn through experiences outside of the classroom, and serve as active citizens.


Noah Leavitt

Associate Dean for Student Engagement
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Noah brings a background in law, education, public policy, community organizing, and research to his role at Whitman. He loves helping students find ways to solve problems and tackle challenges they see in the world around them. In addition to his role in the SEC he also serves as Whitman's pre-law advisor and is a Research Associate in the Sociology Department. Noah and his wife, Dr. Helen Kim, have a son, Ari, and a daughter, Talia.


Fernando Medina Corey '14

Technology & Marketing Fellow
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Fernando graduated Whitman in 2014 with a degree in Politics and Philosophy. His divergent interests in entrepreneurship and technology are what drove him to work in the Student Engagement Center. Fernando hopes to continue to support the website as well as maintaining and acquiring digital resources for students and SEC staff. He loves to help students work on projects or think about their futures so feel free to swing by his office and say hello!


Susan Prudente

Outreach Coordinator
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Susan is a Walla Walla native who is dedicated to the quality of education for all children in our community. Her BA in Speech Communication from the University of Washington afforded her a Public Relations internship at Children's Hospital which raised funds for the Uncompensated Patient Care Fund and confirmed her desire to be present where her passion and the community's needs intersect. Currently, as Outreach Coordinator, Susan is engaged with the oversight of school-based initiatives offering Whitman students practical, valuable experience working with students in our local schools.


Kim Rolfe

Director of Business Engagement
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Kim brings to the SEC 20 years of work in corporate America working in a diverse range of environments in the for-profit sector. Her goal is to build partnerships with the business community and connect Whitman students to career opportunities through those partnerships. She is excited by the occasion to combine her practical experience in business and a passion for assisting future generations with entry into that world.


Gayle Townsend '80 (Parent '14)Gayle Townsend

Assistant Director of Career Development
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Gayle brings to the SEC 25 years of experience in Career Counseling, Advising, Personal Counseling, and Teaching. She enjoys helping students find out how to combine the activities that they find exciting with their career interests. She focuses on helping individuals explore their strengths, skills, values, and life experiences toward developing a path toward a career but also a path to life long learning. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Oregon and has worked at Lane Community College in Eugene,OR as a counselor and instructor for the last 14 years. She is looking forward to meeting you and is excited to be here.


Victoria Wolff

Internship Coordinator
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A native of Berlin, Germany, Victoria joined the Student Engagement Center in July 2014. She brings a background in literature, history, education and teaching to her role as the SEC’s new Internship Coordinator. After receiving her B.A. of Arts in English and history from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Victoria worked at Whitman as the German Language Assistant (2010-11). She then returned to Berlin to complete her M.Ed. also in English and history. She is passionate about teaching, learning, and advising students on their academic and professional paths and is glad to be part of the SEC team.