Mixed Race Club - HAPA

We are mixed race students interested in the issues that affect people with mixed ethnicities and mixed backgrounds. We are focused on bringing together and promoting a sense of community among the multiracial students on campus through a common understanding. We stand to increase awareness of those born of mixed race to others on campus to also help with identity development. This is important to us as today we live in a world that constantly blurs the margins of “race”. Our events benefit others of mixed backgrounds like Bone Marrow for Hapas. Anyone who is mixed or is simply interested in learning more about and being active in the mixed race community is welcome to join!

Hapa is the Hawaiian word for "half" and was initially a derogatory term used to describe someone who was half Hawaiian. Then the term hapa was adapted by people of mixed Japanese-White heritage to describe themselves. Today it is used to describe anyone of mixed heritage with partially Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry.

Contact Person: Cat Mulanax (mulanaca@whitman.edu) and Miranda Huang (huangmh@whitman.edu)

Adviser: Michelle Ma (mamk@whitman.edu)