First Generation/Working-Class Students (FGWC)

As First Generation/ Working Class, FGWC, students we are self reliant and take initiative to achieve success. However, we can't do it all by ourselves. FGWC aims to facilitate the opening of opportunities through successful networking and the strengthening of a supportive structure, both academic and personal. Coming from a diverse background that is under represented here at Whitman College, we know that our club members might run into obstacles that most other students might not, thus FGWC is here to provide support when needed.

First Generation/ Working Class students benefit from the existing community, and we get peace of mind knowing that there are others that have been in our position and have overcome their obstacles to reach success such as the Whitman faculty. We want to cultivate a positive atmosphere which is conducive for personal and academic achievement. FGWC cares about making lasting impressions. We want to strengthen our connections with the Faculty and with the various people, who can provide the resources and networking opportunities we need to navigate through our academic careers and beyond Whitman.

We, also, aspire to bridge the gap between our cultural identities; whether it be Latino/a, First Gen, Working Class, Low Income, LGBTQ or whatever other label out there. Life is all about the intersectionality of the diverse labels, we and society, have placed on ourselves. Labels, however, should not limit how far we go and how far we reach.

Join us this year in making FGWC a club to remember!


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