Environmental Interest

Are you interested in the environment?
Want to be a part of a group that can make changes on campus for this world?
Want to get your hands dirty?
Check out the Environmental Interest Clubs!

  • Association of Mycology

    It is the mission of the Whitman College Mycology Club to promote interest and awareness of the fungi kingdom within the Whitman community by growing gourmet mushrooms and organizing lectures and outings.

  • Campus Climate Challenge

    Campus Climate Challenge is dedicated to halting anthropogenic climate change by creating on-campus campaigns, educating local children on climate change, and participating in justice activities in the greater Walla Walla area, in regional and national climate and activism conferences, and in state and national campaigns.

  • Composting

    The Whitman Compost Club encourages composting on campus and in the Walla Walla community by doing a variety of education and outreach activities.

  • Food Waste Management

    The Food Waste Management program is a student-run initiative proposing and implementing solutions to the large amount of food waste produced on campus

  • Green Leaders

    Green Leaders promotes sustainable living among Whitman students by facilitating students in instilling green habits in their peers through education and programming.

  • Organic Garden

    The Organic Garden grows a wide variety of both annual and perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Its philosophy is to foster an environment filled with experimentation, composting and the recycling of waste, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, education, respect for nature, celebration of life and appreciation for where food comes from.

  • Real Food Alliance

    The Real Food Alliance is currently inactive; contact the Student Activities Office (curleske@whitman.edu) if you'd like to activate this club.

  • Student Agriculture at Whitman

    Student Agriculture at Whitman provides local, sustainable food to Bon Appetit to increase the amount of sustainable food in the dining halls.

  • Whitman Direct Action

    Whitman Direct Action (WDA) is a student-run service-learning organization from Whitman College dedicated to promoting economically and environmentally sustainable development in marginalized communities.