College Coaches

College Coaches is the only school based Community Service program for high school students, so it provides a completely unique opportunity to serve students at this particular age level (other programs serve elementary school ages).

College Coaches is the only Community Service program that can provide volunteers with hands-on classroom experience. So many Whitties are interested in education reform, TFA, and other post-graduate education goals. Get a jump on the rest of your peers with real, tangible experiences -- they speak volumes.

As a very young program (established in 2010), our College Coaches are doing ground-breaking work in Whitman Community Service every day. For example, this fall, Whitman students will be creating a new partnership with the incredible educators and students of Lincoln Alternative High School! (Read more about Lincoln and its revolutionary approach to a generally at-risk population of students here).
College Coaches strive to be the perfect combination of mentor and tutor, giving students motivation to achieve their dreams and the tools to help them get there.

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