Classics Club

The Whitman College Classics Club is open to all students who have a common interest in the Classical world (ancient Greece, Rome and the Near East) and its legacy. Students do not need to enroll in Greek and Latin courses in order to join the club - we welcome any and all enthusiasm for the history, mythology, literature, culture or languages of the Ancient Greco-Roman world. We intend to sponsor various Greek, Roman and Classics-related social events (such as movie showings, game gatherings, group discussions, literary criticism, etc.) for students and faculty. We hope to bring together students in an informal academic setting to create a greater sense of fellowship in our community.

For eligibility to officially join Eta Sigma Phi, one must take Ancient Greek or Latin and receive a B or better in the class.

Contact People: Erin Kirkpatrick ( and Molly Stoker (

Adviser: Kathleen Shea (