Campus Media Organizations

Whitman has many forms of campus media.
Want to write for the Pioneer - the campus weekly newspaper?
Have interest in Radio and want to DJ for KWCW?
What about showing off your literary arts with the Blue Moon or Quarterlife?
All of these are possibilities with the campus media organizations!

  • blue moon

    blue moon is Whitman College's annual art and literary magazine. It is entirely student-staffed and features outstanding art, prose, and poetry of the Whitman community.

  • KWCW

    KWCW provides students and members of the greater Walla Walla community with the opportunity to develop skills working in radio broadcasting. KWCW emphasizes new, independently produced, and/or non-mainstream music to educate and entertain listeners and volunteers alike.

  • Pioneer

    The Pioneer is Whitman College's weekly student-run newspaper. With a circulation of over 1,200, The Pioneer serves the Whitman College student body, its network of faculty, staff, parents and alumni, and the local Walla Walla community.

  • quarterlife

    quarterlife is Whitman's quarter annual literary magazine, providing students with an opportunity to see their prose, poetry, essays, drawings, and other creative projects in print.

  • Waiilatpu

    Waiilatpu is the recently reincarnated Whitman College yearbook, run by a small staff of dedicated students hoping to gain experience in running a publication.